Dustin Lynch Sees a “Mind Reader” in His Future After His #1 Party

Sweet Talk Publicity/Justin Nolan Key

Even though it appears Dustin Lynch’s love interest in the “Mind Reader” video is telling his future, it turns out Luke Bryan’s current tourmate is a Tarot card virgin.

“I told myself before the music video I wanted to make sure I was comfortable doing it, so I wanted to do it for real, so I wouldn’t be faking it on camera. And I pulled up to this place over by my house,” he recalls. “I was by myself, and I just freaked myself out. ‘Man, I can’t do it! I need somebody with me!’”

Now, it looks like Dustin will have the perfect opportunity to get his cards read, and also take along some company.

“We always try to do an activity as a village after a number one party, and I’m going to take my team out to get some cards read. I think I am! I haven’t had a chance to go, but I’m glad I haven’t, because I’ll get to do that for the first time, and probably some of my team from my record label hasn’t done it either. It’ll be a great experience for us.”  

“Mind Reader” is the final single from Dustin’s sophomore album, Where It’s At. Expect a new single from his forthcoming third project soon.

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