Dustin Lynch Vows There Will Be Retaliation for Luke Bryan’s Shirtless Photo of Him

Photo Credit: Justin Nolan Key

Though Brad Paisley remains the king of playing pranks on his tour mates, it looks like Luke Bryan may be following in his footsteps. During a recent two-day stop in Irvine, California, Luke was feeling a little under the weather, so he decided to cook up some chicken and rice soup outside his bus. He even tweeted a picture of his setup. That’s when he caught a glimpse of a shirtless Dustin Lynch doing a little sunbathing outside his bus.

“You know we’re out in the California sunshine and I’m like, man, it’s freezing cold and raining out in Tennessee. I’m gonna get out and get me a suntan before the CMA Awards and my number one party,” Dustin recalls. “And so I’m minding my own business in front of my bus and what I didn’t know was there was a trailer or something that was super shined up, so he could see my reflection in the back of this trailer. He was on the other side of his bus cooking soup.” 

Even though Dustin was minding his own business, Luke wasn’t. He’d already shared Dustin’s beefcake photo with the world. 

“I’m just laying out getting my suntan on, taking a little nap and I hear something to the left,” Dustin says. “Then I hear right behind me, and I’m like somebody’s about to pull my armpit hair or something so I jerk around and [Luke]’s filming me. And then he goes, ‘Hey I just tweeted a picture of you’ and I’m going, ‘God that’s the last thing we need out there you know is an unapproved shirtless picture!’” he laughs.

Since he’s obviously been working out, the “Hell of a Night” hitmaker didn’t seem to mind too much, telling the story as he celebrated the success of his latest number one. But Dustin vows to get his revenge.

“That’s just him. He loves picking on me. He does it every night onstage. And there will be retaliation. Stay tuned. Stay tuned,” he laughs.

Dustin will have plenty of chances. After he and Luke wrap the Kick the Dust Up Tour this week with shows in Chicago and Detroit, he heads back out with the Entertainer of the Year on his 2016 Kill the Lights Tour.



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