Easton Corbin Balances Traditional Country Influence with Modern Sounds on “About to Get Real”

Mercury Nashville

Easton Corbin‘s third album, About to Get Real, is out this week featuring the lead single, “Baby Be My Love Song.” That track does a good job of updating Easton’s sound while staying true to his traditional country roots, and Easton keeps up that balancing act throughout the new album. That nod to tradition is a key ingredient in Easton’s ongoing success.

“I have a lot of fans out there that tell me they appreciate me being true to who I am and keeping that traditional country flavor in there,” Easton tells ABC Radio, “and I think that’s very important, ’cause that’s who I am. It really is.”

While staying true to himself, Easton also worked to push himself on About to Get Real by experimenting with new sounds he’d never explored before.

He adds, “I think that you have to be fresh, and you’ve got to keep your sound fresh, and you’ve got to push the envelope. I think that’s healthy, but you’ve got to keep that element of who you are in your music.”

As for the album title, Easton chose to name it for a song on the project because, he says, “It just sounds good as an album title.” He describes the title cut by saying, “The song really reminds me of a modern-day Conway Twitty song.”

Look for Easton to perform “Baby Be My Love Song” on NBC’s Today on Tuesday followed by another performance on Fox News’s Fox & Friends on Wednesday. Getting up early two days in a row is rare for Easton, who is used to going on stage at night. So, how does he deal with those early morning call times?

“Well, usually you just don’t go to bed. You know, if you’re a country music singer you just stay up. You’re still drunk,” Easton says with a smile. “No, I’m joking. I’m totally joking. No, you better go to bed early.”

Easton is also performing a pregame concert at Citi Field Tuesday night before the New York Mets take on the Chicago Cubs.

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