Easton Corbin Remembers Importing “the Good Fireworks” for July 4th

Mercury Nashville

As a kid growing up in Florida, Easton Corbin recalls it being impossible to get “the good fireworks” in his hometown. But he had a relative who always managed to solve that problem for him.

“Tallahassee’s near the Alabama border right there, so my uncle would go over to Alabama to get fireworks, and we’d all gather up at my grandma’s. And he’d bring all that stuff to my grandma’s and we’d horse around all day,” he remembers fondly.

But Easton’s quick to point out firework safety was always a major concern. “Of course, we didn’t blow off any limbs or anything, which is good,” he laughs. “But we always had a lot of fun.”

In addition to celebrating America’s independence this week, Easton’s marking the release of his third album About to Get Real, which is new this week. It features his current hit “Baby Be My Love Song.”

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