Entertainer of the Year Jason Aldean returns to the site of his first concert to give a gift to his hometown

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Two-time ACM Entertainer of the Year Jason Aldean gives a gift to the city of Macon, Georgia this evening, as he plays a benefit for the children’s hospital in his hometown.

“We did a show last year,” he recalls. “It was kind of on a smaller scale, and raised about a half-a-million dollars for that hospital there. So, it’s my hometown and I want to try to… give back to where I came from. And what better way to do that than with kids…?” he asks.

For the “They Don’t Know” hitmaker, the cause is personal.

“I got two kids, and one on the way, so I get it,” he shares. “I mean, I would be devastated if something happened to one of my kids. I can’t imagine what parents go through when stuff like that happens…”

Tonight’s show is a full-circle moment for Jason in more ways than one.

“We’re doing it at the Macon Coliseum there, which is really cool. That’s where I saw my first concert, which was Kenny Rogers, back in the day,” he remembers. “So to go back and get to play that is gonna be pretty neat…”

“Hurricane” hitmaker Luke Combs also  is on the bill for tonight’s show.

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