“Epic… Fantastic… Unpredictable”: The Cameras Roll on Garth Brooks’ Return to NYC

Mark Tucker

For the first time since his historic 1997 concert in Central Park, Garth Brooks returns to New York City this weekend to play two shows at Yankee Stadium. The country icon says one of the things he loves most about the Big Apple is that you can plan on an unpredictable time.

“The great thing about this place is, this place changes every second. But what doesn’t change is you’re guaranteed that whatever happens in this town is going to be epic. Whatever happens in this town is going to be fantastic. And they know no center. It’s either full left or full right here. And that makes for a lot of fun!”

Whatever happens at the Friday and Saturday concerts in NYC, it’ll all be captured for an upcoming special, just like the six-show run Garth just finished last weekend in Sin City.

“Three or four days after we announced the Vegas gig,” he recalls, “we get a call from the people in New York at Yankee Stadium to also do something, to film there. Oddly enough, they come back-to-back, so this is the first time ever in my career that I know that we’ll be shooting two really big specials back-to-back, so I’m a little scattered right now, I’m going to be honest.”

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