Eric Church’s “Like a Wrecking Ball” Has Become an Anthem for the Military Community

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Eric Church wrote his latest hit, “Like a Wrecking Ball,” about getting back home to his wife after being away from her on the road. Now that the song is on the radio, Eric is honored that the song is now becoming an anthem for members of the military looking forward to getting home to their significant other.

“It’s amazing the stories I get,” Eric tells Allentown, Pennsylvania’s The Morning Call. “You just don’t expect when you write something  — specifically soldiers and soldiers’ wives. When their family member has been gone a long time.”

He adds, “That’s a song they’re either looking forward to when they get the hell home or they play until they get back home or it’s something that marks that.”

“Like a Wrecking Ball” is included on Eric’s platinum-selling album, The Outsiders, out now.

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