Eric Paslay Is “Dressed in Black” for Album Number Two

EMI Nashville

Eric Paslay’s second album will be titled Dressed in Black, named for one of the twelve tracks he co-wrote for his sophomore project. The lead single, “High Class,” is currently in the top 40.

“I’m grateful that we are getting to celebrate some life in another album,” the Temple, Texas, native says. “I always strive for, as an artist and musician, something that lasts. Not just popular now. It’s not just something on a page, but it somehow finds you in a restaurant, or on a dance floor, or in your car alone that makes you go, ‘What is that?’”

Eric is up for Song of the Year at Sunday’s ACM Awards for his hit “She Don’t Love You.” July 8, he heads out on the Interstates & Tailgates Tour with Toby Keith.

Here’s the full track listing for Dressed in Black, due sometime this summer. You can check out a behind-the-scenes, making-of-the-album video on YouTube now:

“Angels in This Town”
“All or Nothin’”
“Takin’ My Heartbeat Higher”
“High Class”
“Dressed in Black”
“Let You in My Heart”
“Pretty Girl Fly”
“Backstage Pass”
“Fall Apart”
“Water into Wine”
“Wild and Young”

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