Even with a Broken Clavicle, Luke Bryan Vows the Show Must Go On

Capitol Nashville

Luke Bryan is having kind of a tough week. First, he was forced to cancel the first show of this year’s Farm Tour in Gaston, South Carolina Wednesday, because of Hurricane Matthew.

Then on Thursday, Luke broke his clavicle in a bike accident, even tweeting a picture of his rather painful-looking x-ray. “All good. Show is a go. I’ll just have my arm in a sling,” he added.

But for much of the Greenback, Tennessee stop on his eighth annual trek, Luke skipped the sling, simply keeping his right arm noticeably immobilized, with his hand tucked in the pocket of his jeans. He even managed some scaled-down booty-shaking. “Hey, I can shake it with one arm! I can still shake it!” he joked with the crowd.

You can check out about 20 minutes of Luke’s set via his Facebook page. Friday night, the tour rolls on in Lexington, Kentucky.

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