“Every Little Thing” leads to a gold record and a #1: How Carly Pearce is re-decorating her living room

ABC/Image Group LA

For Carly Pearce, the last couple weeks have simply been the stuff that dreams are made of:  She scored her first #1 with her debut single, “Every Little Thing,” which has also been certified gold in both the U.S. and Canada.

This weekend at the Nashville stop on Brett Young’s Caliville Tour, the president of her record company, Scott Borchetta, presented her with the plaque commemorating her accomplishments — and she’s already decided where she’ll put it.

“I live alone, so wherever you enter my house, you’re gonna see it,” she tells ABC Radio. “So maybe like my living room, just so I can stare at it. Because I’ve always dreamt of what that would be like. It’s not gonna match anything in my house, and I don’t even care.”

Carly confesses it’s an emotional time for her family, after all her mom and dad sacrificed to help make her success a reality.

“My parents let me quit high school at 16 and start home-schooling, because I saw an audition to sing in the country show at Dollywood,” she explains. “And they’ve always supported my music career, and to be honest, these days we’re on a group chat together, and we kind of, when we get together, we cry, just because it’s so full circle. They’ll send me little emoticons of them crying or pictures. It’s a really special time for my family.” 

You should soon start hearing the Kentucky native’s second single, “Hide the Wine,” from her Every Little Thing album.  

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