Exclusive Video: See Thomas Rhett Run the NFL Combine Drills

ABC/Image Group LA

Is Thomas Rhett ready for the NFL? As part of his partnership with Snap Fitness, the “Die a Happy Man” hitmaker has been leading boot camp classes in select cities as he tours with Jason Aldean. As TR set out to challenge fans, he also agreed to rise to the occasion if anyone wanted to raise the fitness ante for him.

So far, the strength and agility dares have been rolling in — with the latest coming from the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Aaron Murray wondered how Thomas would fare taking on the drills for the NFL Combine. Lucky for Mr. “T-Shirt,” he started training seriously quite some time ago.

“Last year, my New Year’s resolution was to get in really good shape — and I’ve said that for the past however-long I’ve wanted to get in shape,” he confesses. “But I really went for it and got a trainer and worked out really consistently for a year and just noticed that my life changed, from eating right to working out five or six days a week, seeing a change in my body to be able to run around like I do onstage and be able to sing notes correctly and not be out of breath.”

You can check out how Thomas Rhett fares with the 40 Yard Dash, the Broad Jump, the Three Cone Drill and the 20 and 60 Yard Shuffles, in a new video he shared exclusively with ABC Radio.

While he may not be giving up his music career to suit up with the pros anytime soon, he’s certainly in prime condition to lead his latest Snap Fitness boot camp in Dallas, Texas, this Saturday. TR says witnessing the way the workouts are changing his fans’ minds about fitness has been one of the most rewarding parts.

“It was amazing to see, you know certain people would just be like, ‘Man, I don’t think I would’ve done this if you hadn’t been here, and now that I’ve seen kinda what it feels like to sweat and feel good after a workout, I really want to make this a part of my daily routine.’ And that’s really the point, is to help people get into that.” 

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