Family Man Jake Owen Has Curbed His Partying Ways on the Road with Kenny Chesney

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Jake Owen has toured with Kenny Chesney many times in the past, but he admits it’s an adjustment being on the road with Kenny now that he is married with a daughter.

Jake says with a laugh, “I’m at a little different place in my life now than I was the previous times I was out on tour with him, livin’ a single bachelor, lifestyle, which tends to lend itself towards different scenarios.”

Even though he’s not partying quite as much as he used to on the road, Jake is still having a lot of fun hanging out with Kenny and watching the superstar’s show every night.

Says Jake, “Anytime you can have an opportunity to go out on the road with somebody that literally will go down in country music history as like a legend and someone that has built a career so large that it’s only something you can dream of attaining, is an amazing opportunity.”

Of course, Jake is enjoying some of the perks that come with opening for Kenny.

“He’s got a jet,” Jake says with a laugh. “I don’t. So, I…you know, every now and then I get a ride home, and I get home a little quicker than my bus.”

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