Fatherhood First: Dad of Four Chris Janson Says That’s Job #1

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Now that he’s scored his breakthrough hit with “Buy Me a Boat,” you might think country singer is job number one for Chris Janson. But the father of four says you’re wrong. “I am a dad first and a husband first, and I take the most pride in that in my whole life,” he boasts.

When it comes to how he’ll celebrate this Sunday’s holiday devoted to dads, Chris is pretty easygoing. “I just do whatever the kids want to do, frankly. Kelly and I both do, we travel so much. We take them with us when we can — when they want to go.”

Having four kids does mean four times the presents. “Usually there’s a lot of homemade artwork floating around the house…I’m not one who likes to take gifts — I don’t take gifts very well. I just like things that are from the heart. My kids are really good at that, they all naturally are very artsy. I don’t know. I take Father’s Day as a reflective day just to be thankful for being a parent. It’s a privilege.”

Chris’s latest single, “Holdin’ Her,” was inspired by his wife Kelly.  

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