Florida Georgia Line Embraces “Anything Goes” Philosophy

Jeremy Cowart/Republic Nashville

Having already decided that “Anything Goes” will be the final single from their sophomore CD, Tyler Hubbard believes their hit is still a pretty good representation of Florida Georgia Line’s outlook as they set their sights on album number three, especially when it comes to songwriting.

“You know, there’s really no rules,” he says. “I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been writing the past two years where we’ll be in a co-write and somebody’ll say, ‘Man, we can’t do that. We gotta go to second verse right there,’ and we go….Literally, our motto is no rules. Like, who cares about the rules of songwriting anymore? Why box yourself in a box? So for us, the title represents the album, represents where we’re at, represents our work ethic, represents the limits.”

This weekend, Tyler and Brian Kelley take their Anything Goes tour to New Orleans on Friday and to Atlanta on Saturday.

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