Florida Georgia Line Initially Rejected Their New Single, but Were Haunted by “H.O.L.Y.”

ABC/Image Group LA

Now that their final single from their album Anything Goes is sitting at the top of the charts this week, the guys in Florida Georgia Line can now shift their attention to the new music they’ve been making. The lead single from their forthcoming album Dig Your Roots will be titled “H.O.L.Y.” Interestingly enough, Tyler Hubbard admits that he and musical partner Brian Kelley both passed on the song the first time they heard it.

“Man, this song– it’s a song that came in, kinda last minute I would say. We were already halfway into recording the album,” Tyler recalls. “The song came in, me and BK gave it half a listen, probably not even to the chorus and said, ‘Nah, that’s not really us. We’re gonna pass.'”

But when it came down to it, Tyler says both he and Brian couldn’t get “H.O.L.Y.” out of their heads.

“A couple weeks later, we just were both kinda like, ‘Have you been listening to that “H.O.L.Y.,” that song?’ Sure enough, we were both like, ‘Man, we gotta cut this! This is a special song,” he remembers. “We both kind of fell in love with it over those few weeks of living with it, you know, and realized the power. Sometimes a song doesn’t hit you right away, you know. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to actually get deep enough into the song to realize the power of that song.”

We’ll get our first chance to hear “H.O.L.Y.” when it’s released on Friday.

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