Florida Georgia Line Locks in Eleventh #1 with “H.O.L.Y.”

Courtesy BMLG

This week, “H.O.L.Y.” becomes Florida Georgia Line’s eleventh career number-one. It’s a milestone that puts the duo in a reflective mode.

“From the college guys we were when ‘Cruise’ came out to starting our families, it’s been really cool to see our fans and radio embrace the music BK and I make,” Tyler Hubbard says. “‘H.O.L.Y.’ is personally so special to us.”

“Tyler and I have been beyond blessed to have so much support throughout our career,” Brian Kelley agrees, “and are continually grateful when these moments happen. Here’s to digging a little deeper and soaring even higher with our fans every night out on the road!”

“H.O.L.Y” is the lead single from the pair’s third album, Dig Your Roots, which comes out August 26.

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