Florida Georgia Line Says Chainsmokers collabo will make “people jam their frickin’ faces off”

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When you put things out to the universe, they happen.  Look no further for proof than what has to be one of the most unusual musical team-ups of the year: Florida Georgia Line and Grammy-winning EDM duo The Chainsmokers.

When The Chainsmokers released the track list for their debut album Memories: Do Not Open, fans were probably surprised that one track, “Last Day Alive,” is a collabo with the two guys who brought us the smash crossover hit “Cruise.”  But according to Tyler Hubbard, the duet happened because his band mate Brian Kelley talked about it during an interview.

“It was funny. A few weeks earlier, we literally were in an interview, and they said ‘Who would you like to collaborate with?’ and…[Brian] said ‘Well, the Chainsmokers would be cool.’ And in my head, I…was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s something we’ve never even talked about, but that would be really cool!’ And then the next thing you know, a week and a half later, we’re getting a phone call.”

“They pretty much had this song and they wanted us to sing on it,” Tyler adds. “And we went in the studio…and were in the studio all day and all night until three in the morning. And we turned it around in about two days.”

Tyler calls Drew and Alex of The Chainsmokers “amazing dudes,” adding, “the friendship that we’ve already built has been really cool.”

But what about the song?  “It’s an emotional song, maybe a little bit dark,” says Brian. ” But I think it’s a hopeful song.”

Most importantly, says Brian, “I think people are going to jam their frickin’ faces off to this song!”

We’ll find out how the track turned out when Memories: Do Not Open arrives April 7.

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