Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley Calls on Country Radio to Play More Quality Songs

Republic Nashville

Florida Georgia Line is pretty sure the only people still asking them about “bro country” don’t actually listen to country radio.

“To me, the whole freak-out [with bro-country] is over with,” FGL’s Brian Kelley tells The Washington Post. “I think it’s only people in the media or people that aren’t really in the loop asking about it still, I don’t think anybody cares. The fans aren’t showing up saying ‘This is bro country.’ They’re getting drunk and partying and singing.”

As for the lack of women on country radio, Brian just wants to see more quality songs get on the airwaves no matter the gender of the artist.

He explains, “I think quality of the music has got to go up. I think that’s more the issue and not just women, because there are some women who are putting out great songs. And there are guys putting out great songs that aren’t getting heard.”

As for their own contribution to the quality of music on country radio, Brian says FGL will step up to the plate on their upcoming third album. He describes the first single from that project as “a song that will change the world.”

He says of the new music, “I think the world’s finally going to know us after this [third] album. And they will continue to get to know us, but I feel like after we release this album, they’ll be like, ‘Ah. OK. I get it.’”

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