For Brothers Osborne, the Success of “Stay a Little Longer” Means All the Struggle Was Worth It

EMI Records Nashville

For Brothers Osborne, Tuesday was a day that was many years in the making — as they celebrated their first number one with a party at South bar and restaurant in Music City. John Osborne says it’s just proof that dedication, hard work and perseverance can pay off.

“I’ve been in Nashville for 15 years and TJ’s been here for 12, 13,” he recalls. “And that’s awesome, because that’s 15 years of kicking and fighting and saying yes and not sleeping and literally being sick and showing up and getting turned down again. And doing it because you love it so much!” he says passionately.

In the moment he found out “Stay a Little Longer” had hit the top of the charts, John says he suddenly remembered the weight of all the struggle.

“When we were told, like finally, ‘You have a number one song on country radio,’ all of those moments come rushing back in, because you suppress them, because you don’t want to let them fuel you,” he confesses. “And it’s absolutely incredible. And I will forever be grateful for the work my brother’s put in, our label’s put in, [co-writer] Shane [McAnally] and the country music community has put in because this is one of the greatest moments of my life, personally.”

John and TJ’s next single is “21 Summer,” from their debut album Pawn Shop. Later this year, they hit the road with Kip Moore and Miranda Lambert on her Keeper of the Flame tour.

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