Frankie Ballard Doesn’t Go for the VIP Treatment When He’s Attending Another Artist’s Show

Warner Music Nashville

As one of country’s hottest new acts, Frankie Ballard could probably pull strings to get special backstage access to any concert he wanted to see. That’s not Frankie’s style, though. Instead, he likes to buy his own tickets and sit in the audience with everyone else. That approach helps him make his own concerts better for his fans.

He tells ABC Radio, “I learn a lot about what I don’t like about going to shows so that when, someday, I’m putting on shows I can try to eliminate some of that stuff.”

One of Frankie’s biggest pet peeves is being kept waiting during a set change between the opening act and the headliner. If that wait lasts 20 or 30 minutes, Frankie starts getting antsy.

“I’m like, ‘All right, man, let’s go!’ Frankie says. “Like, that kind of stuff, I like knowing that.”

Frankie also pays attention to the things he likes at every show.

He adds, “I always try to go and steal stuff, steal tricks that I want to keep.”

Frankie is on the road with Florida Georgia Line‘s Anything Goes tour through October. He joins Randy Houser‘s We Went tour starting in November.

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