Frankie Ballard Explains Why His Stylish Wardrobe Is Good for Business

John Russell/CMA

Frankie Ballard always looks sharp as a tack on red carpets whether he’s wearing a custom-made Manuel suit or a designer tuxedo. While other country stars have been known to walk the carpet wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, Frankie likes to keep it old school and give his fans something to look at while he’s doing interviews.

“I think that show business is still show business,” Frankie explains. “I think fans do want to look at their favorite entertainers and go, ‘He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like I do,’ and there’s that. But there’s also — I know it, because as a fan of music myself –I want my rock stars mowing the lawn in leather pants, you know?”

While Frankie considers dressing up as part of his job as an entertainer, the fancy duds give him a personal boost, too.

Says Frankie, “The truth about me being dressed or being put together is that I don’t really feel comfortable and confident as myself unless I feel like I look my best. It’s not like a showboating thing. I just don’t have as much confidence talking to somebody at AutoZone unless I’m dressed.”

Of course, Frankie doesn’t go into AutoZone in a full tuxedo, but you get the point. His latest single, “Young & Crazy,” is currently climbing the country chart.

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