Frankie Ballard’s Secret Love: Why It Was Important to Record a Bob Seger Song

ABC/Mark Levine

Frankie Ballard’s new single from his El Rio album is a cover of Bob Seger’s 1980 hit “You’ll Accomp’ny Me.”

Growing up in Michigan, the “Young & Crazy” hitmaker couldn’t help but be exposed to the music of one of the state’s favorite sons.

“He’s such a big deal and played on almost every radio station in Michigan, you know,” the Kalamazoo native says.

Frankie, who’s also had the chance to go on tour with the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, sees this as his chance to honor his hero.

“I think, first and foremost, it’s a tribute to how much he’s given me musically, you know,” Frankie says, “and how much I’ve taken from being a fan of his and what he did as a singer and a songwriter and a performer.”

If “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” happens to be a song you’ve never heard, although it reached #14 on the pop chart in 1980, that’s right in keeping with Frankie’s plan.

“I just have always loved that song so deeply in like a secret way,” Frankie reveals. “Because it’s kind of an obscure hit, you know. I wanted to turn on a lot of younger people who maybe have never heard any of Bob Seger’s stuff to some of the cool songs that he wrote. So it was a win-win!”

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