Fritos and Fanfare: Garth Rolls Out a Gargantuan Amount of New Music

Mark Tucker

Not only can you look forward to a new single from Garth Brooks on Thursday, you can also expect to start seeing his face at the grocery store. The Country Music Hall of Famer will appear on specially marked bags of Fritos, which will also include a code good for a download of the new music.

Garth made the announcement during a special installment of his weekly Inside Studio G sessions on Facebook, where he was joined by wife Trisha Yearwood. While the host of Food Network’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen teased she just might do a whole episode devoted to cooking with corn chips, she was also on hand to reveal new details about the pair’s first full-length collaboration.

Christmas Together will be available everywhere November 11, the same day Garth’s Ultimate Collection will debut exclusively at Target. While the Minneapolis retailer won’t have a lock on the holiday album, Garth hinted they will be revealing an exceptional offer to buy it with his boxed set.

The multiple-disc collection will include the first opportunity to buy Garth’s latest effort. The title will be unveiled Saturday during CBS’s SEC Game of the Week, which features the new tune “Pure Adrenaline” this season. 

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