From “California” to Music City, Big and Rich are running down a dream with their latest hit

Big & Rich Records

Big and Rich’s latest single, “California,” makes its way into country’s top 20 this week.

John Rich recalls the tune came to life when he hit on an innovative idea.

“I thought it’d be an interesting way to write a country song,” he explains, “that somebody is leaving somebody, not for another person, but for an idea. So they’re going after, basically the American dream, and California’s kind of the land of dreams. I mean, that’s Hollywood and that’s the West Coast, and man, everybody’s got these ideas of what it might be like.”

Somewhere along the way, it occurred to John how much the idea resonates in Music City.

“It just struck me that, even in Nashville, everybody that’s ever made country music and moved to Nashville left somebody behind, or their hometown or whatever it is,” he tells ABC Radio. “There’s always a sacrifice that happens. I just thought that’d be a really interesting way to write one, and probably a lot of people would identify with it.”

John and his musical partner Big Kenny added a bit of a throwback vibe to his finished composition, and that’s what you hear on the radio today.

“The sound on that song, it’s almost got a little Eagles in there,” John points out, “and it’s got a little Eighties country in there, and of course, it’s got Big and Rich, so really a different kind of song from anything we’ve put out before.” 

“California” is the lead single from Big and Rich’s latest album, Did It for the Party.

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