From crooner bars to homes in the Hollywood Hills, Brett Young takes you behind-the-scenes of his new video


Brett Young’s new video was shot in his home state of California, on the first weekend of Lady Antellbellum’s You Look Good World Tour, back in late May.

“I stayed over… and we shot it in the Hollywood Hills,” he recalls. “It was kind of an older, $23 million home that they rented out… If you look at it, you can’t believe what this place is worth. There’s a family living in one part of the house, but they’re renting out the front, and it was just the very top of Sunset Plaza. So we got up there at sunset. It was a very grey, gloomy, like stereotypical May/June L.A. morning.”

“It’s just focused in two spaces,” he says of the video’s locations. “It’s in that one home up in the hills, and with views of the city, and very dark and grey. And then in a very small… it almost feels like one of those bars that would be dark, smoky, old, like kinda crooner bar called the Roger Room in Los Angeles…”

For Brett’s previous #1, “In Case You Didn’t Know,” the video simply showcased him singing the song in the historic Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This time, it was important to Brett that the clip communicate the message of the song.

“I wanted this one to more follow the storyline,” he says. “So you kind of see me going through a break-up and kinda dealing with it.”

You can check out Brett’s video for “Like I Loved You” on YouTube. It’s the third release from his self-titled debut album. Both of his previous singles have gone to #1.

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