Frustrated, incorporated: How a 30-minute challenge brought Brett Eldredge a hit song

Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville

Sometimes songs are born out of a stroke of genius, and then sometimes songs are born out of frustration. Brett Eldredge confesses that was the case when he came up with his latest hit, the top-25 “Something I’m Good At.”

“In the writing room, sometimes I get antsy,” he explains. “I pace the room a lot. I can’t always sit still, my brain’s always working. If I get bored on something, I have to jump to something else.”

Tom Douglas and I were writing a ballad for like five hours,” Brett recalls, “and I was like, ‘I can’t do it anymore. I’ve got to shake it up.’ So I pick up a guitar, I say, ‘All right, we’ve got to write something in like thirty minutes!’”

With that challenge accepted, the first single from Brett’s forthcoming third album was born.

“I just started strumming something on the guitar,” he remembers. “We just started coming up with these quirky lines, these rhyming things, kind of telling my story, kind of my personality, which is all over the place. Embracing your faults, and making them beautiful.”

“Embracing the randomness in my life,” he goes on, “being clumsy and being OK with being clumsy or whatever. We’re all just people and we’re all just having fun. So I wanted to remind everybody that in the end, that becomes endearing and that makes somebody smile. There’s somebody out there that’s gonna like you or love you for the crazy mess that you are.”

Brett’s self-titled, third album comes out August 4.

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