Garth Brooks Brags on “Bonus Mom” Trisha Yearwood

Mark Tucker/Randee St. Nicholas

When Trisha Yearwood married Garth Brooks more than ten years ago, she also became “bonus Mom” to his three daughters. It was something the family took so seriously, they included it in the wedding ceremony.  

“When we got married, they — the girls and Miss Yearwood — exchanged vows and rings, too,” Garth reminisces. “Because that’s what they were doing — marrying each other. So if something happens to me, my girls know what their job is. If something happens to me, she knows what her job is with the girls.”

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Garth can’t help but recall the positive effect Trisha had on his offspring.

“In our life of turmoil at home, also being with three daughters that I really didn’t know because I was out on the road and not at home — all three of them have said it at one point or another in a card or written down. There was kind of a blanket of peace that came over us, the whole family, when this woman showed up. It was really good,” he says, growing emotional.

This year, Garth and Trisha mark the holiday for mothers by wrapping up their series of shows in Fargo, North Dakota.

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