Garth Brooks Cancels Tampa, Florida Tour Dates

Nancy Seltzer & Assoc.

Garth Brooks‘ Tampa, Florida fans are paying a price for seeing their National Hockey League team, the Lightning, making it to the Stanley Cup Final.

It seems the NHL and NBC scheduled game two of the series against the Chicago Blackhawks at Tampa’s Amalie Arena on June 6 — the same day Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood were to perform two concerts. Garth and Trisha have now decided to cancel those dates, as well as another show scheduled for the night before, citing “safety considerations.”

A statement posted on the arena’s webstite, quotes the couple as saying, “All parties looked into moving Saturday’s two Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood shows to Sunday. The issue of getting the network crews and their gear out of the building and getting our crews and gear into the building late Saturday/early Sunday for two shows on Sunday raises serious safety concerns.”

“It is because of those safety concerns that the choice is being made to refund all shows and reschedule depending on finding a date that works for both the arena and the tour, the statement continues.

“This was a hard decision for everyone,” Brooks, 53, and Yearwood, 50, note before concluding, “We are convinced everything that could have been done was done to try to remedy the situation. Congrats again to the City of Tampa, good luck, and we will be watching the series!!!”

Garth and Trisha’s next shows are scheduled for June 12 and 13 in Birmingham, Alabama’s Legacy Arena at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

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