Garth Brooks Challenges Wayne Gretzky to Take to the Ice with Carrie Underwood

Mark Tucker

It looks like the puck is in Wayne Gretzky’s arena, in the latest development in the fun-filled caper involving Garth BrooksCarrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher.

In case you’re not keeping up — it all started when Carrie Instagrammed a video of her hockey-playing husband quite ably singing along to Garth’s hit, “The River,” around the first of the year. When Garth saw it, he issued the invitation for Mike to join him onstage for a duet. Last week, the two finally managed to get together to do a little harmonizing for fans on the internet. When the American Idol winner saw it, she feigned jealousy, vowing to take to the ice with hockey icon Wayne Gretzky in retribution.

“That was fun,” Garth commented backstage before his first show last weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. “That was a good little jab at Carrie and I loved her response about Gretzky. So, I think the plan is we gotta get Gretzky now to get Carrie in full gear and get her out skating. I think that’s it. So Wayne, I’m calling you out!”

Then, the Country Music Hall of Famer hinted that we haven’t heard the last of his musical collaboration with the Nashville Predators captain. “I have a date with Carrie’s husband first, actually in Nashville to complete the duet. This is gonna be good!” he teased.

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