Garth Brooks Remembers His Late, Larger-Than-Life Mom, Colleen, This Mother’s Day

Image Courtesy Pearl Records

Garth Brooks‘ mother, Colleen, passed away in 1999, but he still laughs when he thinks about her larger-than-life personality.

“My mom was certified nuts,” Garth tells ABC Radio. “That’s why I love her. She was. She was the life of the party, and never meant to be.”

Since Colleen was such a fun-loving parent, Garth and his friends often found themselves having parties at his house. That’s not to say Garth’s parents were pushovers when it came to discipline, though.

He explains, “They had pretty hard lines. But at the same time my parents were fun.”

As he has gone on to raise his own three daughters, Garth has learned that, for better or worse, he is a product of his parents’ raising.

“[The] two greatest gifts your parents give you are the people you want to be and the people you don’t want to be,” Garth says. “Hang on to those things you want to be, and you’ll fight the other half the rest of your life. But that thing you want to be — take it and share it.”

As for his mother’s lasting legacy in his life, Garth says, “The thing for my mom was her joy. If you ever met my mom, she was just a bundle of joy.”

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