Garth Brooks Reveals What the Christmas Spread Is Like at the Real “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen”

ABC/Ida Mae Astute

When your wife hosts her own show on Food Network, you’d expect the holiday meal to be pretty spectacular. As for Trisha YearwoodGarth Brooks can proudly confirm that’s true.

Through the years, the Country Music Hall-of-Famer says the host of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen has expanded his holiday food repertoire.

“I always knew stuffing, always. She introduced me to dressing, and people go ‘Oh, there’s no difference.’ Trust me, there’s a difference on it!” he asserts.

Also on the Brooks/Yearwood table every holiday: two kinds of stuffed eggs.

“I just love it!” Garth declares. “Her deviled eggs, because she does ’em both. She does mayonnaise-based and mustard-based. And it’s funny. They both kind of disappear at about the same rate.”

Garth even brags that Trisha will make him his favorite holiday foods any time of the year: “You know what? She’s amazing.  If in the middle of June, you go ‘Hey, you know what I’d like because we only have it at Christmas?’, it’ll be done.”

While Trisha’s cooking is undeniably good, Garth says just like the title of their new duets record, it’s actually Christmas Together that really makes it a holiday.

“It’s just great, just anytime to sit down with her and your girls — one table for five seconds, having everybody at the same table. Getting to say a prayer and then look at the greatest food you’re ever gonna put in your mouth, that’s a holiday for me!”  

You can catch Garth and Trisha performing a song from their new yuletide offering Friday on Good Morning America, starting at 7 a.m. on ABC.

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