Garth Brooks Surprises One Lucky Mom on ABC’s “Good Morning America”

Image Courtesy Chris Hollo/Grand Ole Opry

Ahead of Mother’s Day this weekend, Garth Brooks partnered with ABC’s Good Morning America to surprise one special mom with a once-in-a-lifetime gift. Karen Garrison, a farmer’s wife, hairstylist and mother of three from Darlington, Wisconsin, was the lucky recipient of an intimate acoustic performance of Garth’s  latest single, “Mom.”

Garth surprised Karen Friday morning live on GMA, and she was clearly in shock as she soaked in Garth’s performance.  Then, her surprise got even better.  

Garth told Karen, “I talked to your husband, OK? We talked quite at length actually. And since you didn’t get to come to Chicago [to see my concert],  I’m gonna ask if you would like to jump on the plane and go to the show tonight.”

“You can bring your babies and your babies can bring their boyfriend and girlfriend too. And we’ll just jump on there and go and I talked to everybody and they said they’ll run your farm for a day,” he continued. “OK, Fair enough? Can you come?”

After a delighted Karen said she’d join him, Garth had one piece of advice for her: “Honey, you’re gonna have to get dressed and get ready!”

Garth’s world tour hits Omaha, Nebraska Friday night. 

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