Go Ahead: Roll Your Windows Down and Blast “My Church”– Maren Morris Wants You To

Columbia Nashville

In addition to being a powerhouse vocalist, newcomer Maren Morris also happens to be a stellar songwriter who’s already had cuts by major stars like Tim McGraw and Kelly Clarkson. But when she crafted her breakthrough hit, “My Church,” she had a premonition it wasn’t one to share — it was a song she had to sing herself.

“I had the concept and the title kind of chiseled out,” she recalls. “We wrote it really, really quickly — in under an hour, and that is so rare. When we were done, I don’t know. I just had this feeling about it, that it was really special and I wanted to keep it for myself. So I was very protective of it when I came back to Nashville from L.A., which is where I was writing. So when I got back to town, I didn’t send it to anybody. I would only play it for them if I were in person with them. I just knew it was my song.”

Now that Maren’s country music anthem is edging toward the top of the charts, the Texas native says you’re completely on target if you have the urge to roll down your window, turn up your radio, and sing “My Church” at the top of your lungs.

“That was the point when we wrote it, whether it’s in the car or you’re at a show. I find a lot of my inspiration and peace when I drive, so having people tell me, like they love turning it up in the car, it’s awesome!”  

Look for more infectious tunes from Maren when her debut full-length album Hero comes out June 3, a day after she heads out on tour with Keith Urban and Brett Eldredge.

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