Granger Smith reveals how songwriting just “Happens Like That” on the FGL tour

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Granger Smith’s just-released single, “Happens Like That,” was written while he was on the road with Florida Georgia Line, and FGL’s Tyler Hubbard even has a co-writing credit on the song.

When Granger felt sure he’d hit on a good idea, the “Backroad Song” hitmaker reached out to Tyler to collaborate.

“I texted him, ‘We’re onto something,’ and about 20 seconds later he was coming in the bus door,” Granger tells People. “He puts his reading glasses on, studies what we’re saying, and immediately reverses a couple of words here and there, phrases something different and then we’re off to the races.”

You can check out the results of Granger and Tyler’s efforts in an audio-only YouTube clip. “Happens Like That” is available to stream or download now, and is the lead single from Granger’s new album, which is due in the fall.

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