Grown-Men Drinks & Toys: Behind-the-Scenes of Florida Georgia Line’s Dig Your Roots Tour


As with any good party, there are essential elements to get the good times going, and Florida Georgia Line says that is certainly true when they hit the road on tour.

“Man, we’re pretty simple,” Tyler Hubbard says. “We don’t have a whole lot, but we do — at least last year, we had some Fireball and some wine and some tequila. Lay’s potato chips.”

“Just regular… Yellow bag it!” Brian Kelley interjects.

“This year, we’re definitely gonna have some Old Camp whiskey on the rider,” Tyler adds, dropping the name of the duo’s new brand. “Probably some grown-man drinks!”

If that’s not enough to keep Tyler and Brian occupied, they also bring along quite a few toys to fill their downtime.

“Well, I’ve got a motorcycle, a Ruckus, which is another little motorcycle,” Tyler clarifies, as he adds to the list. “A trike, which is like a tricycle with a motor on the back of it, a couple mountain bikes, golf clubs, skateboards, hoverboards.”  

This Friday night, Florida Georgia Line takes their Dig Your Roots trek to Brownsville, Oregon, for the Willamette Music Festival.  Tourmates Cole Swindell and the Cadillac Three will also be along for the ride.

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