“H.O.L.Y.”: The First Taste of a More Mature Florida Georgia Line


When you listen to Florida Georgia Line’s “H.O.L.Y.,” you’re not just hearing the duo’s eleventh career number one; both Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard agree– you’re experiencing a more grown-up version of the boys that broke out with “Cruise” in 2012.

“We’re at a good place in life and I think when the world heard about Florida Georgia Line, we were at the beginning of a lot of changes in our life, and we’re just that age,” Tyler reflects. “It’s bound to happen. We’ve met our wives. We’ve bought houses. We kinda went from boys to men,” he laughs. “Boyz II Men? The world began to open their eyes and see us when we were boys and then they got to experience the change in our music as well.”

Brian says the duo’s third album continues that theme.

“We’re getting to put our lives into music, and that’s what country music is, every step of the way,” he says. “Whether it’s… ‘This is How We Roll,’ ‘Dirt,’ ‘Sundays,’ ‘H.O.L.Y.’ or what we’ve got coming down the pipeline, we’re gonna be honest and transparent with where we’re at. There’s no way around it for us. We’ve got to put out real music and music that we feel that we’ve lived.”

You can experience Florida Georgia Line’s next chapter when Dig Your Roots is released August 26.

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