Hillary Scott Marks an Emotional Milestone as She Makes Her Opry Debut with Her Family

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Tuesday night, Hillary Scott & the Scott Family make their Grand Ole Opry debut, as they prepare for the release of their first album together, Love Remains, this Friday. Even though she’s played country music’s most famous stage before with Lady Antebellum, Hillary expects a completely different vibe being there with mom Linda Davis, dad Lang Scott and little sister Rylee.

“I can’t believe it!” Hillary says. “In my wildest dreams, to be able to step on that stage together as a family… I’m just gonna need probably a box of tissues. Needs to be attached to my outfit somewhere!” she jokes.

While most fans know Hillary’s mom mainly for her work with Reba, many may not realize her father is in the business too. Hillary says her musical parents made sure their offspring were well-acquainted with country’s roots. “We grew up knowing… the Opry is the deal!” she emphasizes.

Hillary says that even holds true for her younger sibling.

“My little sister, even at 16, she’s always begging my mom, ‘Well, Loretta’s gonna be there this weekend, we have to go!’ ‘Cause my little sister loves Loretta Lynn… They’ve just really instilled in us… ‘You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been, and where this genre has been.’ … So many family are coming in from all over and we’re gonna have probably the whole section. You’ll be hearing hootin’ and hollerin’ from a bunch of Texas cousins!”

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