How Jason Aldean Ended Up Turning the Lights On — and Off — for Album Number 7

Broken Bow

As Jason Aldean’s new album, They Don’t Know, arrives in stores and online today, it already boasts a number-one single thanks to its lead release. But when the ACM Entertainer of the Year originally found the tune, it posed a bit of a problem.

“We had already recorded a song called ‘Lights Go Out’ for the album,” he recalls. “And then at the last minute, we got this song called ‘Lights Come On,’ and we’re like ‘Well, this has to make the record too,’ and obviously, it ended up being our first single. So we felt pretty strongly about that, but we already had the other one recorded, so we were like, ‘OK, well this is gonna be really… weird on the album.’”

If you check out the track listing for Jason’s seventh recording, you’ll notice he came up with an ingenious solution.

“We figured, what was a cool way to try and you know, tie it in? And it was by kicking the album off with ‘Lights Come On’ and ending the album with ‘Lights Go Out.’ We tried to make it clever,” he laughs, “but it was not, you know, an intentional thing in the beginning that we went out and tried to find those songs. They just kinda fell in our lap.”  

As you might expect, it’s a busy weekend ahead for Jason. On Friday, the video for the collection’s second single, “A Little More Summertime,” premieres on Vevo, before he does two shows at Boston’s Fenway Park. Look for him on ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday as well.

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