How Newcomer Chris Lane Turned a Career-Ending Baseball Injury into a Top-Twenty Hit

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When newcomer Chris Lane was growing up in North Carolina, the “Fix” hitmaker didn’t dream of taking the stage — he dreamed of hitting home runs.

“I really thought my whole life — I grew up playing football and baseball and got a scholarship to play college baseball, and always assumed that that would be what I do after college. I mean that was truly my dream. I had several ACL reconstructions that really hurt my chances at that, and my twin brother, he got drafted to go play but decided not to do that,” he says of his brother Cory, who now plays drums in his band.

While his knee injury may’ve closed the door on one career, it turns out it laid the groundwork for another.

“As bummed out as I was, like looking back now, it was all for the best because it led me to where I’m at now. During my downtime from my surgeries when I couldn’t really do a whole lot other than rehab, it gave me a chance to start learning how to play the guitar. Seriously, I can’t believe what’s happening now from all that. So I guess, had those knee surgeries not have happened, then I would’ve got drafted to go play baseball. It’d be a total different story right now. Who knows what would be happening?”  

Right now, Chris is enjoying his first top twenty hit with the song that also happens to be the title track of his digital EP, Fix, which is also available exclusively at Target on CD. This summer, he heads out on the Rhythm & Roots Tour with Rascal Flatts and Kelsea Ballerini.

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