How rapper Eminem helped inspire Dylan Scott’s breakthrough hit, “My Girl”

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Dylan Scott’s breakthrough hit, “My Girl,” may very well be the only country song ever inspired by the rapper Eminem.

The idea for the tune was born when Dylan was home visiting his wife Blair, back when they were just dating. 

“I moved to Nashville at 19 and she stayed in Louisiana, so we did long-distance for six years,” Dylan explains. “So I’d go home and visit her every chance I could, and this one particular time… we were riding around and she was flipping through my radio stations and she stopped when Eminem came on…”

Dylan says he’ll never forget what Blair did next.

“All of a sudden she started dancing and then she started rapping it, word-for-word,” he goes on. “You know, talking about palms are sweaty and mom’s spaghetti and all that stuff. The song was ‘Lose Yourself’,” Dylan reveals, mentioning Eminem’s 2002 smash from the 8 Mile soundtrack.

“She rapped the whole song, and I’m sitting there the whole time going ‘What is going on right now?’ You know, this shy little girl just rapping to this song, and it was hot!”

As soon as he got back to Music City, Dylan started the song that would go on to be his breakthrough.

“I just remember… telling a buddy of mine, ‘Look, I want to write a song about that moment right there,’” he recalls. “And so the more we dug into it, the more I realized, ‘Let’s just call it “My Girl”,’ and write about everything that I get to see in my girl that nobody else is particularly gonna see.”  

Fast-forward several years, and the couple is now expecting their first child. The deluxe edition of Dylan’s debut album comes out August 4.