How the Horns Sealed the Deal for Lady Antebellum’s “Come Back” Song

Capitol Nashville

“The horns, man!” That’s how Charles Kelley responds when asked what makes Lady Antebellum’s new single, “You Look Good,” stand out against the other contenders from the trio’s HEART BREAK album, which comes out June 9.

Charles goes on to reveal he believes the band’s first album since taking a break to pursue solo endeavors is so strong, any number of tracks could’ve been the lead release.

“We usually fight for singles pretty hard,” he says, “and this is the one time I will say that I went into the label and said, ‘Guys, you know better than us. We love it all.’”

“From the first ten seconds of hearing ‘You Look Good,’ they were like ‘Oh my gosh, this sounds so fresh and different!’” Charles remembers.

Even though the threesome ultimately took a purely democratic approach to picking their first single since 2015, Hillary Scott agrees that “You Look Good” was always the overwhelming favorite.

“We played three songs, and even at our management, we started keeping a tally of just what people’s responses were…” she recalls, “and it became so obvious and ‘You Look Good’ was so far ahead of any of the other songs… It just felt fresh…”

“Like a re-introduction,” Charles chimes in.

If you’re wondering what the rest of Lady A’s sixth studio album sounds like, Hillary says “You Look Good” mirrors the energy the threesome felt while making the record, which was recorded half in Los Angeles and half in Music City.

“The sound even makes me feel like we felt making the record,” she says. “And I love that it’s the co-lead and the full harmony and it’s uptempo. It’s groovy and it just felt so cohesive for us as a band just to kind of come back.”

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