How to win “The Voice”: Blake Shelton says it’s a combination of tough love and listening

David Becker/Getty Images via ABC

Blake Shelton remains the winningest coach in the history of The Voice, having brought home a victory in five of the show’s dozen seasons. 

The “I”ll Name the Dogs” hitmaker believes part of his success comes from the way he approaches his contestants. 

“When it comes to working with young people as a coach on this show, it’s a delicate balance, I think,” he says. “Because you can definitely, I think, push a young person too hard and you kinda got to let ’em find their own way, and you’ve gotta listen to ’em, you know. 

Blake admits a little tough love is definitely part of the equation too.

“They also, at the same, time need a little whip-crackin’ also,” he explains. “Every single one of ’em do, you know. Because, look, this is not easy. If you want to do this, you’ve got to be ready to hear the word no a lot. You’ve got to be able to take some criticism and some honesty. None of us have it figured out.” 

Ultimately, Blake says the contestants who do the best are the ones who pay attention and are willing to adapt. 

“Those are usually the young people that you see make it deep into this show. You know, the ones that are willing to listen and learn. And I think for me as a coach, having success with young people is because I’ve been willing to listen to them also, you know. It’s kind of a balancing act for each individual, really,” he concludes. 

Tonight, the battles begin at 8 p.m. ET on The Voice, with Rascal Flatts coming on board to mentor Blake’s team.

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