How Tyler Hubbard’s Wedding Brought Brett Eldredge’s New Single Back to Life

Warner Music Nashville

Even though Brett Eldredge has always been a fan of his song, “Drunk on Your Love,” he says one of his pals in Florida Georgia Line is directly responsible for it ending up on his record and now becoming a single. 

Tyler Hubbard was getting married and he always loved this song. He was like, ‘Dude, you have to put this on an album!’ and I couldn’t put it on the first album, because I wanted it to be on the radio at some point and I knew ‘Beat of the Music’ was going to be out and ‘Mean to Me,’ so I saved it. The night before their wedding, he said, ‘What do you think if we put this on our wedding video on People magazine’s website?’ The next thing I know it exploded online,” he recalls. 

“That wedding video really pushed it over the edge. It really did. It was like, I mean I’ve never had anything on social media blow up like that. And it was crazy. It was natural to put it on the album after that.”

The wedding was last July, so Brett had to do some fast work to turn the demo into an album-ready track for the September release of his second record, Illinois

“They just put part of the demo on [the wedding video]. And I was like, ‘You can’t have certain parts of it because it sounds wacky and it’s not the record version. I sound like a weirdo and I’m doing fun stuff and goofing off, cause it’s just a demo.’ So they used a section of it where I wasn’t being crazy and this is what came of it.”

Tonight, you can be sure Brett will sing “Drunk on Your Love” as his Suits & Boots tour with Thomas Rhett checks into the United Wireless Arena in Dodge City, Kansas.

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