How will Thomas Rhett up the ante with his upcoming “Craving You” video?

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If you’ve noticed how Thomas Rhett keeps upping the ante with every new music video he makes, you know we should probably be prepared for something pretty spectacular when we finally get to see his vision for “Craving You” with Maren Morris.  

“The last three or four… have just been so fun,” TR says of his recent efforts. “Two of ’em were shot on an iPhone. ‘Vacation’ was shot literally on a GoPro in Hawaii. It’s so exciting just to watch the fan reaction,” he adds.

The Georgia native credits a large part of his video magic to his partnership with director TK McKamy.

“I’m so fortunate to have a guy like TK who I’ve worked with on the last six videos…” TR says. “Me and him are like, ‘Hey… let’s figure out how we can make this bigger than the song.’ ‘Cause when you get to do a video, you actually get to tell a story.”

Thomas Rhett’s other secret weapon when it comes to videos is his wife Lauren, who’s starred in the clips for both “Die a Happy Man” and “Star of the Show,” which were written about her as well.  But her husband warns you shouldn’t expect to see her in every one.

“I kinda put myself in a hole the first time I put Lauren in a video. Because I feel like my fans are now like, ‘Well, why is she not gonna be in all of your videos?’ And I’m like, ‘Because she does not want to be,’” he reveals. “She hates being the center of attention.”

Right now, Lauren is also a little more focused on the couple’s growing family. The two are in the process of adopting a little one from Africa, before the arrival of their first baby in August.

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