How Zac Brown Band built on “The Foundation” to get back-to-basics with “Welcome Home”

Shore Fire Media/Jimmy Fontaine

As you might guess from its title, Zac Brown Band’s new album signals a back-to-basics approach for the Georgia-based musicians.

“The meaning behind Welcome Home means just kind of coming back to our roots,” Zac explains, “going back after doing an adventurous record with Jekyll + Hyde, just coming back to a purist approach and back to The Foundation, kind of the first record that we ever made,” he says, referring to their 2008 release.

To keep things fresh, Zac and his band mates also shook things up when it was time to record.

“We definitely did the studio a little bit differently, because we didn’t spend a full week doing pre-production and actually getting all the parts and everything lined up,” he says. “We basically jumped in a room with [producer] Dave Cobb and kinda talked through what we were gonna do, and then we went in and recorded it. We recorded the whole record in six days,” he reveals.

The lead single from the album, “My Old Man,” is currently in the top 20.

Dave Cobb happens to be the producer behind another high-profile project as well. He worked with Chris Stapleton on the just-released From A Room: Volume 1, which currently sits at #1 on the album chart.

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