“I Got the Boy” Singer Jana Kramer Is Doing Anything She Can to Bring on the Birth of Her Baby Girl

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The countdown is on for Jana Kramer. Any day now, the “I Got the Boy” singer is due to deliver her baby girl, according to her Celebrity Baby Blog at People.com, and she admits she’s getting antsy. “Everyone warned me of this time, that the last few weeks will be the longest and it’s so true,” she shares. “I feel like the days are creeping by.”

Lately, she’s been keeping busy doing anything that might bring on the start of labor, including eating pineapple, spicy food and working out with her trainer Erin Oprea, who’s also hit the gym with Carrie Underwood.

“My doctor says to keep doing more squats,” Jana tweeted. “If I do any more squats my legs are gonna fall off. #anyday.” She adds with a wink she’s also done “more fun stuff” that she can’t mention online that are said to bring on childbirth.  

In the meantime, she’s passing the time with social media, tweeting with fans and even flirting with her husband a little — “Hey @MCAUSSIN80 remember when u stalked me on Twitter, we met, fell in love and now we are having a baby? Thanks @twitter!”

Jana’s official due date is in early February. If all goes well, she hopes to be back at work by late April.

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