If Justin Moore’s daughters don’t care for his single, “Somebody Else Will”

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Justin Moore may have his latest top-ten hit with “Somebody Else Will,” but he confesses it’s not his daughters’ favorite song.

For 7-year-old Ella, 5-year-old Kennedy and 3-year-old Klein, that honor goes to another tune on his latest album, Kinda Don’t Care.  

“I don’t like listening to me,” Justin explains. “I don’t think any artist likes riding around listening to themselves, unless you’ve got to check mixes or something. But last year… we had like a 30-minute drive to school and back.”

“I was wanting to listen to sports talk radio or whatever, the news or something,” he continues. “And they go, ‘Dad, can we play your new music?’ And their favorite song on the album is ‘Put Me in a Box,’ which is somewhat morbid. The idea of it, it kinda weirds me out a little bit. But they love it.”

The Arkansas native admits Ella isn’t shy at all about expressing her preferences.

“My oldest daughter, she’ll flat out, she’ll go, ‘Yeah, it’s not my favorite. Will you play “Put Me in a Box”? Play “You Look Like I Need a Drink.”‘ It’s kinda funny,” Justin laughs.  

It likely won’t be long until the Moore girls have to share control of the radio with their little brother. Thomas South joined the family this past June.

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