“I’m Not a Rapper,” Randy Houser Jokes, As New Number One Takes Him Outside His Comfort Zone

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Randy Houser starts the first full week of March with something to celebrate. His latest single, “We Went,” is number one on the country chart. The Mississippi native, who had his first top ten in 2008, says he’s learned to relax a little bit when it comes to watching his hits make their way up the ranking.

“It used to be, I would be freaked out and I would be looking at the charts every ten minutes,” he confesses. “But now — it’s not that the, the new has definitely not worn off, it’s just that I’ve learned to try not to control everything, not to question everything and just let the people that have gotten it to where it’s gotten — which are my incredible radio staff and all the people at my label who have worked their butts off — let them do what they know how to do and let them do what they got hired to do and then just be thankful for it, you know. And that’s kinda where I’ve gotten.”

Randy says one of his favorite things about “We Went” is that the song was a little bit of a challenge for him in the beginning, even admitting he’s forgotten the rapid-fire lyrics a time or two.

“Oh yeah, of course, you know! And run out of breath, mostly. It’s like trying to fit ten pounds in a five-pound sack, you know. There’s a lot going on, and I’m not a rapper!” he laughs. “But you know what? What I really dug about it, it was something for me a little bit outside of my comfort zone.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

You can check out some of the other ways the traditionalist ventures into new territory, when his latest album Fired Up comes out this Friday.

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