“In Case You Didn’t Know”: Brett Young Says You Can Fill in the Blanks for Yourself


For Brett Young’s first music video, the California native followed a fairly by-the-book approach for “Sleep Without You” — one that showcased Miss USA Olivia Jordan. But to follow up his first #1, he took a different tack.

Much like he did when writing “In Case You Didn’t Know,” Brett was careful to make the imagery of the video ambiguous enough so that any listener could easily fill in their own personal details.

“We don’t want to tell so much of a story that anybody that wants to make it their story feels alienated,” he tells ABC Radio. “And so, same thing with the video. We picked a beautiful theater in Chattanooga, and it’s me and my guitar.”

And Brett’s onscreen love interest, of course.

“There is a girl for a moment in it, but it’s more about the idea of the girl,” he explains with a smile, “so that people can continue to make that their story, and hopefully put it in a bunch of weddings in 2017.”

Brett says so many people used “In Case You Didn’t Know” in their ceremonies last summer, it was obvious it should be the second single from his debut album. The self-titled Brett Young record is due in stores and online February 10.   

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