It all started with a “Scarecrow”: The second volume of Chris Stapleton’s “From A Room” recordings arrives

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Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume 1 has already won the CMA for Album of the Year and been nominated for the equivalent honor at the Grammys next year. Today, the second album in the set arrives.

Though the records have come out almost seven months apart, they actually were recorded at the same time — without much thought as to which tracks would go on each album, until the recording process was finished.

In fact, Chris says the song that really started it all, “Scarecrow in the Garden,” happens to be on the second volume.

“That’s the very first thing that we recorded,” he explains. “That’s the one song I walked into the studio — I mean not for this record, for both of these records — and I said, ‘I want to do this song.’ And that song has been in my catalog for a bit, and it’s been hanging around. You know, nobody recorded it or anything. Maybe it’s my inner love of bluegrass murder ballads creeping out.”

While “Scarecrow” is one of Chris’s favorites, he admits it’s a little dark. 

“It’s a farming/suicide song for the most part, you know,” he laughs. “So it’s not exactly like, it’s not happy fare at all. But it’s a fun story-song — fun’s not the right word — but for me it’s fun, you know. I love things with story and substance and I feel like lyrically and subject-matter-wise, that thing has all that to me. And I just love the imagery in that song.”

After putting out two records in one year, Chris confesses he’s ready to catch his breath a bit. He and his wife Morgane are also expecting twins, in addition to the son and daughter they already have.

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